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July 17, 2005

The Story Shifts, Swirls, Gets Ever-Larger

We turn a corner.  The last 10 days have been spent chasing after the individual threads of this fascinating, gut-wrenching story about the abuse of power in the Bush administration.  The press, prodded along by the netroots, gets pieces right and get praised or get them wrong and get chastised.  The feedback alters their behavior; they appear to care what we think of them and the reports tend to become more real.  People who possess amazing pieces of the puzzle but haven’t had direct access to the public in the past – like Pat Lang and Larry Johnston – are finding the blogsphere to be a way to tell their story on their terms and to connect their piece to the whole, like so many starlings joining an ever increasing flock.

The communications amongst so many bright and committed people in real time moves the story along quite quickly.  The flock turns all of a piece.  And just in the last day, the visionaries amongst us are drawing the outlines of a larger picture, a more historical view.  They are already jumps ahead of the press but it will not be long.  The press is ready to burst its fetters and join in.

Stirling Newberry at The Blogging of the President has an excellent essay clarifying what we’ve learned in these last 10 days and putting it together for us into a simple story.  Billmon is writing profusely with clarity and a realistic assessment of the situation.  They are both into another stage of the story.  We move from wondering whether one or more of the pieces are true (and figuring that at least a couple are true, at least about Rove) to realizing that we will have to prepare to pry the reins of this corrupt, self-serving cabal out of their hands and prepare for a transition very quickly.  We probably have two to three years to take some significant steps toward getting this country back and getting ourselves prepared to mop up and move forward.   

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