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July 12, 2005

What Would You Do With...

... an archive of every minute of broadcasting from Seattle's right-wing talk radio stations?

Seriously, putting together a digital archive -- for research purposes only, well within Fair Use guidelines -- is probably easier and less expensive than you might think.

Who could use such an archive to watchdog the radical right?  How would you use it?

Michael?  Goldy?  I know you're big talk radio fans.  Anyone else?


Posted by Jon Stahl on July 12, 2005 at 12:48 AM | Permalink


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A digital achive for talk radio would be terrific for what I try to do. Obviously, a problem presently is the lack of a written records a luxury enjoyed when watching other media--also the problem of simultaneous broadcasts of interest, etc. This is to expand soon with the increase of power of KKOL AM, which promises to bring another megawatt player into the right wing talk mkt. It might be a preemptive way to shut down some of the more outrageous bullshit.Let's do it!

Posted by: michaelh | Jul 14, 2005 6:23:33 PM

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