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August 09, 2005

McDermott to Attend Drinking Liberally

Hot Tip - Jim McDermott will join the intrepid liberal drinkers at the Montlake Ale House this evening at 8:00.  I'm afraid I can't make it; I have a prior appointment with my 21-month old niece.  And I know that Goldy is out of town.  But those of you who can, what a great opportunity.

Congressman Jim McDermott has been jumping into the new methods of communication more than just about any other elected official.  He's been bloggin on DailyKos.  He's been holding a lot of informational meetings and puts out a great email newsletter.  His folks called to let me and a few others know he'd be at Drinking Liberally.  It is very cool.  This also tells us that the communications channels are opening up between the elected officials and our NW blogosphere.  Let's keep building that bridge.   

UPDATE: I heard that over 20 people showed up for the evening and that McDermott enjoyed himself tremendously. 

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