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August 27, 2005

Seattle-bashing: never out of style

Michael over at BlatherWatch offers a nice rant about how Washington State conservatives love to use Seattle as their bogeyman.

Every day they stoke the indignant backlash about the intolerant, selfish, elitist, Ivy-overeducated, sushi-eating, bus riding, extra-virgin olive-oiled, French speaking, irreverent, vegan, religion hating, wine-bibbing, peace-marching, brie-guzzling, hippy Seattleites who build their monorails, lesbian art museums and stadiums using taxes they shake down from the middle class of the rest of the state. They do this sitting in schmancy restaurants that serve expensive imported food that isn't cooked, while sneering at the little people's churchgoing ways.

This contradictory conglom of stereotypes describes no one we know in Seattle and that Seattle/Tacoma is an economic engine upon which the rest of the state depends for its revenues means nothing in this short-term, piss-in-your-pants-to-stay-warm partisanship.

...they split the state by enflaming rural, exurban, and suburban resentments against Seattle. It suits their immediate political needs; it's craven, and they're hurting America, as Jon Stewart would say if he were speaking to us.

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