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August 25, 2005

The Lowdown on the Rove-Plame Affair

This timeline and story sums up what we know about the outing of Plame and how it relates to the lies about the need for the Iraq War.  Stirling Newberry writes on Blogging of the President and cross-posts on DailyKos - based on an article this morning in the L.A. Times by Tom Hamburger and Sooni Efron.

The timeline is instructive and it's interesting to see who they think might be involved.  The big picture as to why Plame was outed and and Wilson was attacked is summed up by this:

The threads of this story form one larger scandal, one which came to a head with Wilson, but which weave together four important strands.

  1. The early planning of the Iraq War
  2. The campaign of disinformation to create a case for war.
  3. The protection of 1 and 2
  4. The cover up of 3.

The Seven days were part of a coordinated attempt to protect disinformation already in place. Originally Wilson was not regarded as a threat, it was only when it was realized that he had sources inside CIA that went beyond his trip that he became a threat. This is because the standard response by the British and American executives at this time was "we have other sources". Now it turns out that those other sources were also fixed.

This story only appears to have died down.  The special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, will likely hand down his indictments in September and it is possible that all things political in this country will get turned on its head.  Interesting times.


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