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August 13, 2005

Why We Need to Win Back Congress

For those of you who don't see a difference between Republicans and Democrats or who have friends who give you that lame line, there is an article in the current edition of Rolling Stone that will curl your toes.  Matt Taibbi was given the opportunity to hang out with Representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont for a month during which time the Energy and Transportation Bills passed and much else that will be hanging around our necks for years to come took place.  It's a long article and more discouraging than we could even dream about but well worth the read.  Here's one his summary paragraphs:

Congress isn't the steady assembly line of consensus policy ideas it's sold as, but a kind of permanent emergency in which a majority of members work day and night to burgle the national treasure and burn the Constitution. A largely castrated minority tries, Alamo-style, to slow them down -- but in the end spends most of its time beating calculated retreats and making loose plans to fight another day. 

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