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September 29, 2005

Bigger than Teapot Dome

With the release of Judith Miller today and her testimony in front of the Grand Jury tomorrow, the house of cards is starting to fall on the Plame investigation.  How big will it be?  Who will be indicted?

Here’s Jane’s answer on firedoglake.com:

People keep asking me "how high up is this going to go?" And my answer is, as high as Fitzgerald can get anyone to talk. I can only guess, but the thing to keep in mind about this crowd is if you are counting on copious amounts of character to keep someone from ratting out the whole bunch, it's going to be flip city.

You think Bolton's gonna do 20 years to protect Cheney? Surely you jest.

I’ve been saying for the last several months that this national security scandal had the potential to bring down this administration.  I had two concerns though.  One, I thought it might be overly complex for the public to understand.  I always thought that the Iran-Contra scandal, which was truly a monumental constitutional issue that should have brought down the Reagan/Bush Administration was just too complex for people to understand.  Clinton’s sexual transgressions were so much easier for people to get their arms around.  Secondly, I wondered if the Democrats had the cojones to step up and lead after the Republicans fall. 

That was then.  As we watched Bush’s poll numbers drop as a result of the failing war in Iraq, the rising price of oil, and then the horrendous failures of Katrina, I realized that this would all make the American public more receptive to the potential Fitzgerald indictments. 

Now after the Frist investigation, the Delay indictments, the Abramoff link to organized crime and the mass of corruption scandals unfolding, it will be a lot easier for the public to grasp the extent of the culture of corruption and deception that the Republicans have let loose on our government and on us.

Hunter rants on at DailyKos, going off on the pathetic howling at the right-wing blogs about the unfairness of it all, the warnings to Democrats not to get too political about all this.  He includes this brilliant paragraph:

This is the world of the Republican Party, split open like a rotting pumpkin. Crime after crime after crime being investigated, all revolving around the Republican money machine. Every seed connected by the strands of money they share between them. Barely-laundered campaign money passed in the palm of every flabby handshake. Every player in boldface, underlined print in the Rolodex of every other.

I am no longer concerned that the American public will not be ready to understand the nature of the crimes committed in the Valerie Plame outing.  The specifics will not matter.  We get that they are simply corrupt to the bone.  Now, are we as Democrats and progressives ready to take the helm and lead effectively, to take this incredible mess we will be left with and resurrect our democracy and our economy? 

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