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September 27, 2005

Republican Central Committee Endorses 912, No One Notices

Buried in an article by David Postman of the Seattle Times last weekend on the Washington Republicans’ decision to revoke Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment (not to speak ill of fellow Republicans) we hear that the party’s central committee overwhelmingly voted to endorse the November ballot measure, Initiative 912, that would repeal the recent gas-tax increase. 

Hm.  This seems kind of fishy to me – not that they would do this but that we’ve heard so little about it.  Could it be that the Republican Party doesn’t want us to know about this?  Why? For fear that this vote, if widely publicized, might splinter the Party?  We know that the business community is against 912 and we know that the tax-cuts-at-any-cost Republicans are for it. 

Daniel at On the Road to 2008 holds Dino Rossi responsible and thinks this vote will wreck his chances with voters in the future.  Interesting theory.  He says,

Pretty amazing. Dino Rossi supported the most recent nickel gas tax increase, and ran for Governor on a pro-business platform. Yet, this initiative, opposed by businesses across the state because it will set back road work improvements by years, if not decades, appears to be the stuff Republicans have decided to champion, thereby thumbing their collective noses at the support the business community has traditionally given to the GOP.

Of course, for my part, I believe I-912 is something all Washingtonians should be against, not just business leaders. We have hundreds of transportation project needs that are in desperate need of money, and this initiative simply cuts off the largest source of funding available to them. For mere pennies we could raise billions of dollars that will fully fund 241 projects, and partially fund the mega-projects that need the money to position them to a level that they can be considered realistic endeavors, as opposed to simply necessary, yet unfunded pipe-dreams. For example, the tax that I-912 would cut would raise 50 to 65 percent of the money needed to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

I-912 now not only looks like it will kill a plethora of important safety improvement and congestion relief projects if it passes, but it now appears it may kill the
political future of Dino Rossi, whether it passes or not. As the de facto leader of the Republican party, there is no chance that this endorsement does not have his blessing, and if so he will surely face a political backlash from the business community that he and his party have now decided they are willing to stab in the back.

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