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September 30, 2005

Challenge to the Washington State Republican Party

Daniel at "On the Road to 2008" has a post and a map of the state with the locations of the many Republican legislators who voted for the landmark transportation bill that Initiative 912 is trying to tear down.  Very cool.  Very instructive.  Over and over again, we have to ask, what are these Republicans doing?  Are they afraid of the nutso wing of their party, the guys like John Carlson and his cronies on right-wing talk radio?  Don't they see that what is going on at the national level with the same type of nuts is destroying their Party?  They have a small opportunity to build back to the responsible, forward-looking party of previous years and not get caught in what is likely to be a national revulsion with the Republicans.  But they are blowing it by supporting Initiative 912.   

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The I-912 folks represent the knee jerk anti-tax fanatics in Washington State. As John Burbank of the Economic Opportunity Institute points out the main factor causing escalation in gas prices in our state is profits of the oil companies. You can view his article entitled "New state gas tax not to blame for high pump prices" printed in the Tacoma News Tribune on Sept. 21, 2005 by connecting to the EOI at www.eoionline.org.
I-912 is not about the few extra pennies one would pay in gas taxes. It is about whether we want to repair and replace our deteriorating roads and bridges across the state. Some 170 bridges that were to be fixed or replaced, that are high or medium earthquake risk structures, would lose funding if I-912 passes. I-912 is a public safety hazard. It will stop the repair on these bridges and roads across the state. It is irresponsible. I-912 may appear penny wise to anti-tax folks but it is public safety foolish! And it will cost dearly when people die when high risk structures like the Alaska Way Viaduct in Seattle collapses.

Posted by: Steve Zemke | Oct 1, 2005 4:53:33 PM

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