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September 07, 2005

The Governor Says "No Way"

Earlier today, state Republicans, under cover of the national fear of yet higher gas prices, requested that Washington State suspend all gas taxes for three months.  The NPI blog clarified why this is such a bad idea. 

The governor's office issued an immediate response to the House Republicans' proposal to suspend the state gasoline tax for three months.  "This proposal has not been thought through.  It would strap our ability to cover basic needs in education, health care and other vital services to people in Washington state." 

Citing national Republicans, like House Majority Leader Tom Delay and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who are against rolling back national gas taxes, Gregoire said it was a bad idea.  Several other prominent state Democrats jumped in to support her. 

We urge the Governor to take this opportunity to focus our state instead on increased conservation efforts and alternative energy sources.  These will provide solutions long-term and prepare us for any additional impacts to oil production or distribution that may come along as a result of natural or man-made increases in demand or decreases in supply. 

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