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September 21, 2005

912 and our Core Values

The Seattle PI has a thoughtful editorial up this morning on the values underlying the choice to vote against 912.  Stephanie Bowman, the author, talks about the inherent values of taking responsibility and fairness, paying for what we use and need.  Here's an exerpt:

To what extent do we believe in responsibility? Knowing you live in a hurricane zone and that your city's infrastructure can't withstand the inevitable Category 5 storm seemed to most of us outside of Louisiana the height of irresponsibility. Here in the Puget Sound region we live in an earthquake zone and know the Evergreen Point Bridge won't withstand the inevitable large earthquake. And yet we're considering a ballot measure that would cut funding that's already in place to fix these problems?

To what extent do we value fairness and the idea that if you use it, you should pay for it? Since 1944, the Washington state constitution has guaranteed that transportation taxes can be used only to pay for transportation projects, so everyone who uses the roads and bridges pays a little bit to fix them. This system has worked well for half a century, and yet now the proponents of I-912 think we should change that, that we can find the money to fix roads from somewhere else, maybe from money currently set aside for education and health care.

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