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October 20, 2005

Big Scandals, Big Changes

Even for those of us who have followed the machinations of the Bush Administration closely over these last few years, the revelations of the last few weeks have been overwhelming.  I am in shock trying to absorb all this – to understand the totality of what has gone on while we’ve mostly been on the sidelines, the ramifications for the country and the world, and the opportunities and pitfalls for taking back our democracy.    

Did these guys have no soul, no sense of compassion or service?  We feared that they were just in it for the power and the ability to steer money to their friends. We feared they cared nothing for well-being of the vast majority of the people in the world or for our own people even or for our collective children’s burdens or for stewardship of the planet. 

But for me, this is worse than I could have imagined.  Did they really believe they could get away with all this?  Or did they not care what happened later as long as they got theirs now?  Here are the biggies:

1) The White House Iraq Group (WHIG), a group of high level government servants sitting around planning how to lie to the American people about something as important as taking us to war and then covering up their tracks afterwards.  They hijacked American foreign policy, committing us to actions that will impact American standing and power in the world for generations, without anything resembling the normal intra-agency or intra-party discussion.  They condoned unspeakable behavior that will likely damage both the very soldiers asked to be a part of it as well as those directly impacted.   

2) Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff running a concierge service for Congressmen (and -women?, we haven’t heard much about Congresswomen in this) – getting them tickets to events or luxurious overseas golf trips, money for their re-elections, whatever they wanted IF they voted correctly.  And what was correctly?  Was it really for any “cause”, ridiculous as we may have thought those causes were?  No.  It was simply to stay in power and funnel money to the highest bidder.  How else to understand their votes to steer gambling to their clients when even their own base of right-wing supporters were hollering to shut it all down? 

3) Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist pretending his family/HCA stock was in a blind trust when it wasn’t and pulling illegal insider stock deals on top of that.

4) Massive money laundering operations designed to take money from big corporations and wealthy individuals and use it illegally for political campaigns that would keep these idiots in control.  That’s what the big scandals in Ohio and Texas and heaven knows where else are. 

This isn’t just a different philosophy of life or perspective on the world.  This isn’t like your welfare plan or forest plan would do a and b and mine would do c and d.  This is “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  So much damage has been done to this country in five short years, it is almost beyond my comprehension. 

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