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October 07, 2005

Business Jumps in to Defeat 912

Steve Mullin, president of the Washington Roundtable, which represents the state's largest private employers, has jumped into the battle to defeat Initiative 912.  In an article in today’s PI, he has some critical comments about the impact of the passage of 912:

Within five years, per-capita highway investment would sink to levels comparable to 2000, when Washington ranked second-lowest in the nation for per-person highway spending.  Such a distinction is unambiguous. . . . It says that we are not prepared to compete.

You would think, if we are investing in our future and for the sake of our economy, that we would be among the top states in terms of infrastructure investment.

Mullin also talks about the psychic impact of under-investing in our future:

If we can't address problems as obvious as this one, it's hard to make the case that Washington can credibly argue to employers that we are going to be able to solve the other problems.

While we are on the subject of 912, I want to point you again over to Dan at “On the Road to 2008” and his excellent series on the courageous Republican legislators who supported the Transportation bill last session and have come out against 912 and therefore against the Republican endorsement of 912.

As Governor Gregoire’s spokeswoman, Carol Andrews said in the same PI article, 

Transportation should rise above partisan politics.  It's unfortunate that some people want to play politics with Washington's economy and safety. For Chris Gregoire, this transportation package is not a political issue -- it's the key to sustaining and growing our economy, and it's vital to safety of all of Washington state.

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