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October 14, 2005

Cronkite Calls for Midterm Democratic Convention

Scott Shields at mydd.com reports on an innovative idea in a letter published in the New York Times, written by Walter Cronkite, calling for a Midterm Democratic Convention next year.  He advocates a relatively inexpensive convention, with the same delegates who attended in 2004, that would establish the basic principles of the party and nationalize the issues for the public.   

Here's Cronkite:

The voting population would for the first time in many years have an unobstructed view of those principles that differentiate the Democratic Party from those of the Republican Party.

Back to Shields:

This really taps into something we've been discussing here quite a bit lately. The virtual collapse of the GOP is a tremendous windfall for the Democrats heading into the midterms. But without a solid platform and strong vision, the party will not be able to fully take advantage of the opportunity. I think those pieces are starting to fall into place, but this would really push us over the top.

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