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October 07, 2005

Dodged a Bullet

Whew! No massive increase in the number of supertankers in the Sound. A bipartisan effort on the part of Washington’s Congressional delegation has caused the author of a House energy bill to delete a provision that would have lifted restrictions that severely limit the number of supertankers allowed in Puget Sound. An article in the PI this morning has the details. The protections were put in place at the urging of the late Senator Warren Magnuson. 

Aides to Magnuson said he believed it was more important to protect Puget Sound than to allow it to become the West Coast version of the heavily industrialized and polluted Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Senator Cantwell told Speaker of the House Hastert that she would filibuster the bill if it came to the Senate with the tanker provision. “Lifting the restrictions, Cantwell wrote, ‘would expose Puget Sound waters to an unacceptably increased risk of future oil spills.’”

The bill is scheduled for a final House vote today where it is likely to pass although it faces trouble in the Senate. Congressman Jay Inslee, as well as most Democrats and some Republicans, say that the bill is so flawed that it should be defeated. 


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