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October 16, 2005

Puget Sound's Toxic Avenger

Joel Connelly recently offered a nice roundup of "defenders and despoilers" of Puget Sound, in which he singled out heroes such as People for Puget Sound, the Bullitt Foundation, and Warren Magnuson.  And villains such as BP, Dixy Lee Ray [Dixy Lee? Hater of the environment? I'm shocked, shocked! -Ed.], and the city of Victoria, which still dumps untreated sewage directly into the sound.   No foolin'.

But Joel, whose perspective on environmental issues often seems a little more grouned in the historical than the cutting edge, overlooked one of today's most important  defenders of Puget Sound -- Mr. Floatie.

Yes, he's a life-sized turd.  He and his friends at POOP (People Opposed to Outfall Pollution) have been fighting for modern sewage treatment in Victoria.  Now he's running for mayor  No foolin'.

And it get even better.  The city of Victoria has just sued Mr. Floatie in order to try to toss him off the ballot.  Mr. Floatie will be in court on Tuesday, 10/18.  According to POOP:

Mr. Floatie plans to plead "guilty as charged" at the court case.   Claiming to be a harmless piece of poo, Mr. Floatie is baffled that the City of Victoria is going to this extreme to keep the issue of sewage treatment off the agenda. However, having no money and no pockets to put it in, even if he did have money, Mr. Floatie is not able to hire a lawyer to defend himself.

You just can't make this shit up.  (Feel free to make your own poop jokes in the comments.) 

P.S. Mr. Floatie is available for interviews.

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You are the one who's behind the times. Mr. Floatie first made an appearance in my column during the British Columbia election campaign last May.

Posted by: Joel Connelly | Oct 20, 2005 3:12:04 PM

Fair enough.

But I still think that Mr. Floatie deserved a plug as a "defender of the Sound." He's news now, too, especially in the past couple of weeks, as he's mounted his campaign for Mayor of Victoria.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Oct 20, 2005 10:33:02 PM

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