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October 27, 2005

Irons is Not Environmentally Friendly

Environmentalists really don’t like David Irons.  In addition to what we already know about this guy, i.e. he has quite a temper, very few real qualifications and takes money from casino owners, he isn’t what you would call a steward of the land.  And he seems to be in the pocket of developers, not exactly the person one would trust to serve as County Executive.

Irons joined the County Council in 2000 representing the 12th District which includes Issaquah, Maple Valley, Covington, Black Diamond and most of Sammamish.  He lost his seat earlier this year as the Council went down to 9 districts from the present 13.  Hence his race for King County Executive.

When David Irons first ran for County Council, he described himself as “an unusual mix: a fiscal conservative who also is socially progressive; a small business owner who also is an environmentalist.”

Well, he’s an environmentalist like, well, maybe George Bush is an environmentalist – it works as long as it’s not too complicated.  Or maybe the way Dick Cheney is an environmentalist – as long as there’s no money for one of his friends to make.

Let’s take transportation.  In 2000 Irons voted to oppose efforts to increase taxes to support increased Metro operations in King County.  But he definitely supports more roads.  A Sierra Club informational sheet on him has this quote:

When discussing support of a Regional Transportation package for King, Pierce and Snohomish County, Irons said he believes roads have been under-funded compared to transit. "I didn't see funding for single-occupancy drivers in the Sound Transit plan. I didn't see funding for single-occupancy drivers in the monorail plan," he argued. Even if the regional package is weighted toward roads projects, he said transit is getting its share of public dollars.

We beg to differ.

Washington Conservation Voters has actually paid to put up a website devoted to Irons’ devotion to roads.  They tell us that in a recent radio ad, Irons touts the Kemper Freeman study that proposes a four-lane freeway through rural King County.  “The Kemper Freeman plan includes the controversial proposal to create a four-lane freeway that would cut through the heart of rural King County near Carnation and Duvall.” 

It’s a cool site. 

What I want to know is why Kemper Freeman Jr., Bellevue’s biggest developer, is proposing a new north-south 4-lane freeway that runs right past Snoqualmie Falls through some of most gorgeous and last remaining land in the county?  And what is his relationship to Irons, the biggest proponent of this freeway.

Well, let's follow the money.  The Seattle Times had an article about money flowing into the Republican party a couple of weeks ago.  From guess who?  For which race?  You connect the dots.  From the article:

The King County Republican Party is poised to give its nominee for county executive, David Irons, a boost with a get-out-the-vote campaign in the $300,000 range.

Eastside developers Kemper Freeman Jr. and Skip Rowley top the list of donors who made large party contributions in September.

Party officials say the money — which legally can't be used to help only one candidate — will promote Republicans running for the County Council and Irons, who is facing Democrat Ron Sims in the marquee race in the Nov. 8 election.

Rowley and Freeman are longtime contributors to Republican causes. "David Irons has a good chance of beating Ron Sims, so people need to go to the polls," Rowley said.

In place of money, the Sierra Club is using good old-fashioned grassroots campaigning to try to defeat Irons and elect Sims, a strong supporter of real environmentalism.  They have what looks to be a fun event Download are_you_a_clean_energy_supporter.doc in support of alternate transportation modes from bicycling to hybrids.  It starts at 9:30 AM on the Mercer Island lid and morphs into a Clean Future Parade. 

They are also looking for volunteers Download Volunteering.htm make phone calls and doorbell in support of Sims from now through the election.  This is an important race and worth some time and effort.


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It's good to see support growing for Sims including today's endorsement by the Seattle PI.

The PI describes Sims as "... a powerful progressive politician with a longstanding commitment to the region's economy, transportation and environmental health."

I think that King County should settle for nothing less.

I have learned that in order to be a part of the democracy you must be involved with the movers and shaker's that are making things happen.

You cannot sit on the sideline in an apathetic funk nor can you be happy by thinking that your vote alone will make the difference.

Democracy is not effective because we are right and good, it is effective because we are united and organized.

The Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, and SEIU are all hitting the streets in support of Sims. They need our help as volunteers to make sure people know who is the best candidate for King County Executive.

If we believe in the power of progressive politics and that togther, we can make a difference we should be turning everyone out to vote for Sims on November 8th.

Posted by: Kermit | Oct 28, 2005 2:48:20 PM

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