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October 22, 2005

It’s About Time – Business Rebels

The Boeing Company is making it’s displeasure over Initiative 912 known in the most obvious of ways.  As has been reported before, Boeing, like Microsoft and other large area companies, is contributing money to defeat 912.  Now, they are also planning on writing checks to support the Republican legislators who lined up with the Democrats and the Governor to support the Transportation bill that initially raised the gas-tax by 10 cents over three years to support much-needed infrastructure repair.  It was that Transportation bill that was the excuse for the campaign for Initiative 912 that calls for rolling back the gas-tax. 

An editorial in the PI this morning has the details.  They reported that Al Ralston, Boeing’s top Olympia lobbyist told attendees at a recent business leadership conference the following:

The Boeing Co. will not be writing campaign checks to the state Republican or Democratic parties, diverting money instead to defeat I-912. But he apparently made it clear that the company may give money to individual legislators (Republicans included) who voted for the gas-tax increase this spring.

As the PI editorial then noted: "The state Republican Party backs I-912. Boeing opposes it. All but the most clueless of Republican candidates will get the message."

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