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October 18, 2005

Support for I-912 Eroding

According to komo news:

Pollster Stuart Elway has noted a steady erosion of support for I-912. The initiative to roll back the gas tax increase was once expected to pass easily.

A recent Elway poll showed it behind by 7 percentage points, although 11 percent remained undecided.

The poll was taken before initiative foes launched a media campaign that could outspend supporters 10-to-1.

Good news for those of us who like our highways non-crumbly.  Bad news for wingnut talk radio show hosts.

Posted by Jon Stahl on October 18, 2005 at 10:26 PM | Permalink


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vote no on the gas tax but yes on the audit measure to insure that the money really pays for transportation - the already wasted money from the past is gone! I feel the pain of the money but we have to get to work too - and travelling is just ridiculous at this point.

Posted by: Donna | Oct 23, 2005 1:36:01 PM


We already have a perfectly good performance audit law on the books. There's no need to pass Tim Eyman's redundant I-900, which would actually make the performance audit system worse by politicizing it with an unaccountable auditor.

Contrary to what talk radio wingnuts have to say, the Department of Transportation is doing a great job of bringing projects in on time and on budget.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Oct 23, 2005 3:22:05 PM

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