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October 21, 2005

Where Do the Republicans Get These Guys?

David Irons, running on the Republican ticket for King County Executive is toast.  Thanks to David Goldstein’s excellent research and writing over at his blog, we are hearing stories about the guy that make your toes curl.  Proving our collective point that the mainstream press does pay attention to the blogs, the PI picked up the story today.  It was reprinted on MSNBC.com and Goldy has done an interview with KIRO and been on The Kirby Wilbur Show on KVI. 

Yesterday Goldy wrote a long piece on the history of the Irons’ family feud and the allegations by Irons’ Mom that her son beat her many years ago and that the family is still split over his actions and his choice of political tactics. 

If this were but a single, isolated incident it still would be inexcusable, and in my opinion disqualify him from higher office. But the Irons’ family has many tales of David Jr.’s “violent temper” and his abusive, cuss-filled rages in which he would push his father and poke him in the chest, and occasionally fling objects in blind anger. In one such fit he threw a wrench at his nephew, Di’s son Chris, who afterwards went to his grandfather and refused to ever work with his uncle again. Even the hard-nosed crews who laid cable for the family business complained of working with David Jr., finding it unsettling to have the boss’s son indiscriminately toss obscenities and tools in their direction.

From Goldy’s interview with Janet Irons, the candidate’s mother, “David lies about all of us.”

According to family members, acquaintances and co-workers, David Jr. has lied to reporters, he’s lied to voters, he’s lied to his family, and he’s lied to the police.

Goldy goes back and reviews an incident right out of Karl Rove’s playbook from the 1998 primary race for King County Council that pitted Irons against incumbent Brian Derdowski. 

The night before the absentee ballots dropped for the primary election, Derdowski and Irons’ attended a candidate forum sponsored by the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce . . . Much to his surprise, the first written question posed to Derdowski was “Are you under investigation by the FBI?”  As it turned out, Derdowski had been under investigation by the FBI during much of the campaign (he’s not sure for what), but the investigation had recently come to a close without indictment or comment. And so Derdowski truthfully answered “No.”

It was a setup. At this point, as Irons’ mother Janet describes it, notorious Eastside developer Skip Rowley exclaimed “We got him! We got him!” while gleefully wringing his hands. Irons immediately stood up and charged that Derdowski was indeed under investigation. An unusually heavy media presence in the audience (apparently tipped off that something would happen) hit the story strong the next day, and by the time the truth played its way through the press a week or so later, the damage had already been done. Derdowski lost the early absentee ballots big, and went on to lose the election.

Goldy goes back to get Derdowski’s thoughts on Irons today:

"I don’t have the professional experience to diagnose him as a ‘pathological liar’," Derdowski told me, "but there is a pattern of making false statements where David apparently doesn’t seem to know the difference. I find it chilling."

And his mother’s thoughts on her son’s desire to be King County Executive?

"I’m not proud of my son,” Janet sadly lamented about his political success, “because he didn’t do it the right way. I’m disappointed that he approaches the level he does, and that I didn’t do a better job raising him.”

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