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November 11, 2005

Cracks in Republican Solidarity – in both Washingtons

How quickly they recognized the difficulties they are in!  As a result of Tuesday’s clear Democratic election wins in New Jersey and Virginia and tons of local wins all over the country, moderate Republican Senators and Representatives are bailing on Bush and Cheney and the Republican leaders carrying water for them in Congress.

The Washington Post has an article this morning about the Republicans' inability to get their budget passed yesterday.  Here’s a piece of it:

House Republican leaders were forced to abruptly pull their $54 billion budget-cutting bill off the House floor yesterday, amid growing dissension in Republican ranks over spending priorities, taxes, oil exploration and the reach of government.

A battle between House Republican conservatives and moderates over energy policy and federal anti-poverty and education programs left GOP leaders without enough votes to pass a budget measure they had framed as one of the most important pieces of legislation in years. Across the Capitol, a moderate GOP revolt in the Senate Finance Committee forced Republicans to postpone action on a bill to extend some of President Bush's most contentious tax cuts.

How bad is it?  Here’s what Tony Fabrizio, a Republican pollster, says: "After Tuesday's election, it's 'Why are we following these guys?  They’re taking us off the cliff.’”

Joel Connelly in an article at the PI echoes the WAPO at the national level, reminds us of Schwartznegger’s humiliation in California, praises Senator Cantwell for her firm stands on preserving the Sound, and adds this at the local level:

In this Washington, the Republican right tried to carry on the 2004 gubernatorial election. It backed an initiative to roll back the $8.5 billion transportation package that Gov. Christine Gregoire helped engineer.

So-called mainstream Republicans did not follow the party line. They realized, as GOP state Chairman Chris Vance did not, that the ability to govern is the acid test of politics. Repairing the state's infrastructure took priority over political intrigue.

I-912 lost, the first major defeat suffered by the state's tax revolt movement.

We may be seeing the beginning of the end for the right-wing of the Republican Party across the country.  It’s about time.  The Democrats seem ready to step up to take responsibility and moderate Republicans seem like they might possibly be ready to try to grab hold of the reins of their party again.  They could always join us if they cannot pry the reins out of the cold dead hands of the folks who aren’t ready to see what is happening yet.

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