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November 09, 2005

Cronyism and Corruption at the Department of Natural Resources

The Seattle PI reports that DNR official Pat McElroy tried to cut a backroom deal with the timber industry on spotted owl protection rules.

An internal timber industry memorandum obtained by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer outlines how Pat McElroy, chairman of the Forest Practices Board, agreed to eliminate a key DNR staff recommendation to be considered today.

The memo also suggests that McElroy had planned to alter his agency's recommendations without telling others involved in the talks, such as environmentalists and tribal leaders.

Pathetic.  We deserve less corrupt public servants than this.  But I guess it's hard to expect ethical dealings from DNR staff when their boss, Doug Sutherland, is beholden to the timber companies who financed his election bid last year. 

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DNR has been doing this for years. When I worked with them (no more then 10 yrs ago) they actually has a slide presentation called "Logging does not cause erosion" they were pimping around town.

We alternately used the DNR acronym = do not recessitate - or my favorite -

DNR = Do Nothing Right

Posted by: mandrake | Nov 10, 2005 7:15:02 AM

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