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November 02, 2005

Dean Building the DNC, Winning Confidence

I've had several people ask me how I think Howard Dean is doing at the DNC lately because they haven't heard from him.  I always say that he is doing the real work of building our party.  There's a post today over at The Carpetbagger confirming just that.  They quote from a subscription-only article at Roll Call which says that Dean appears to be gaining the confidence of Congressional Democrats:

Even Dean's one-time detractors on Capitol Hill are giving the former Vermont governor unexpected praise, saying he's growing smarter about his role and toning down his sometimes incendiary remarks. They add that Dean has done what previous DNC chairmen failed to do: spend time mobilizing Democratic voters, building networks and relationships, and looking beyond the White House for Democratic opportunities.


"We're all pleasantly surprised by how well the DNC has been doing at reaching out to people — not just the blue states — but all across the country and we can see it getting better and stronger," said [one senior Senate staffer]. "I think the party is coordinated like it hasn't been in a long time."

The Carpetbagger adds "There were a lot of people predicting disaster if Dean became DNC chairman. It's good to see that they were wrong."  I thought he'd be good all along and I'm very glad to see that seems to be the case.

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