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November 16, 2005

Democratic Independence

Not only are Independents starting to vote a lot like Democrats but Democrats are starting to act a lot more like Independents.  Chris Bowers has a post over at mydd.com about a very pleasing phenomenon.  He begins by mentioning what he has called the upcoming Indycrat Realignment, which he wrote about a week ago (and I also commented on at the time), talking about the Independents swinging firmly over to the Democrats column if Democrats can close the deal with them in the next year or two:

If we are indeed going to have an Indycrat realignment in 2006, it is going to be at least partially because of growing Democratic independence from traditional sources of power in Washington: lobbyists and big donors.

He goes on to talk about Dean freeing the Democrats from the grasp of the large donors and corporations because he has tapped into smaller donor money from the likes of us.  And about Pelosi’s ability to then blow off the lobbyists and focus on doing the peoples’ work rather than spending all that time groveling for money.  Bowers makes the connection and asks that the Democrats get the word out:

Is it any wonder why Democrats are doing so well among Independents these days? You have one party, Republicans, trying to suck up as much as possible to the rich, to large corporations, and to lobbyists. You have another party, Democrats, trying instead to appeal to small donors and build a nationwide grassroots movement independent of powerful, wealthy interests. You tell me who is going to appeal more to people who feel shut out of the system. You tell me which is a better way for American politics to operate. Democrats should broadcast these developments as far and as wide as they can. Amidst the Republican culture of corruption, this is good government at work. This will appeal to what I once deemed the "non-ideological reformers" as much as any issue or platform position ever could. We need to get the word out. Democrats are taking their party back.

It’s a great situation for Democrats to be in.  Read the entire post

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