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November 25, 2005

Disgusting and sleazy: Right-wingers start PAC to try to pack Washington state courts

According to the Seattle PI, right-wing nutjobs, led by Slade "Skeletor" Gorton, have formed a new PAC to elect right-wing judges.   The problem: our judicial races are supposedly non-partisan.  Oh, and we don't have any campaign finance limits on judical races.

This is an absolutely cynical, disgusting, shamless attempt to politicize our judicial system and pack our courts with right-wing ideologues.  But I guess that's about par for the course for the Republican party these days.

What should we do about it?  First, we should shine the light on these scumbags.  Kudos to the PI for breaking the story. 

Second, we need to push for tough campaign finance laws in judicial races.  A bill was proposed last year, but failed.  Every progressive organization in the state (and any responsible conservatives, if such thing exist) should band together behind a push for a "indepedent judges" bill in the 2006 legislative session.

Third, we need to start marshalling forces to defend those who will be attacked by this PAC, and to defeat its cut-out candidates.  If they want war, then war they shall have.

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