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November 08, 2005

Election Wrapup

A few before-bed thoughts on our elections today:

Statewide, things went pretty well.  Smoking ban passed -- in every county.  Gas tax repeal (and talk radio wingnuts) defeated.  (Congrats to Andrew and all the folks who worked hard to get the word out about I-912.)  All the other stupid stuff went down.  Audits passed, but it probably won't mean much. 

Here in Seattle/King County, more of a mixed bag.  Sims seems to have won pretty handily.  All the incumbents on the Seattle City Council won, that's too bad, I was hoping that Pelz would take McIver out.  Monorail is dead, no suprise, but I'm sad.  (Yeah, Ben, I know.  You think I'm crazy.)  Biggest disappointment, though, is Lawrence Molloy's loss of his Port Commission seat.  He was just about the only voice of sanity on that important but obscure body.   

Your cheers and jeers here.

Posted by Jon Stahl on November 8, 2005 at 11:15 PM in Ballot Initiatives, Candidate Races | Permalink


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Molloy lost because he was an idiot. He never understood how the port operated. I saw him once at a meeting and all he did was make smart assed remarks. He accommplished NOTHING in four years.

Posted by: Bill Kinnear | Nov 14, 2005 3:54:51 PM

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