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November 06, 2005

How Do They Sleep at Night?

Dirty campaign tactics in Snohomish County Council race!  Dave Somers, whose interview I just put up yesterday reports today that the 5th District, the only one with a competitive race, is being deluged with smear literature directed at him.  Dave Somers is a straight arrow kind of guy, a Fisheries biologist.  He is running to take back the seat he lost four years ago to Jeff Sax, his Republican opponent.  In a last minute attempt to prevent Somers from retaking this seat, Sax has mailed out and distributed at least six different last-minute pieces containing lies and more lies.  They’ve also slapped “GAY endorsed” all over every large Somers sign in the district.
Last minute campaign lies and voter disenfranchisement on the part of Republicans are nothing new.  Check out this post on DailyKos about the King County Republican tactics to keep Democrats at home. We saw it in the national campaign last year.  It’s what they learn to do in their College Republican training grounds.  But this is a County Council race.  The amount and cost of these is breath-taking for a down-ticket race.
Some campaigns simply have too much money.  Jeff Sax is a darling of developers and is being amply rewarded for his unflinching support of developers and his tear down of any growth management regulations or even any infrastructure support of the developments he champions.  The Washington Conservation Voter co-sponsored site, JeffSaxFacts, lists 39 major contributions from local developers and development associations.

Back to the last minute lies on the literature Sax sent out with all that developer money. . .  Dave Somers reports some of what Sax says and Somers’ refutations:

Back to the last minute lies on the literature Sax sent out with all that developer money. . .  Dave Somers reports some of what Sax says and Somers’ refutations:

On a mailer labeled “There is a big reason why Dave Somers keeps hiding from his record”, along with a photo of a man with a box over his head, are the following claims:

  • Dave Somers underfunded the Sheriff’s department by 35 Deputies and allowed our community to become a haven for meth labs & drug dealers
  • In his four years on the council, Dave Somers didn’t raise mitigation fees, but did raiser property fees . . . again, and again, and again.
  • No surprise since Dave is paid by the Tulalip Tribes – the county’s largest developer and the only one that doesn’t pay property taxes

The truth, as Dave calls it:

  • We added 36 new deputies and 45 total NEW positions. My record is vastly better than Jeff’s on funding for the Sheriff and the criminal justice programs.
  • Sax claims the council added 40 new deputies during his time there – the real number is 21. The total number of NEW positions (deputies and others) at the Department is 4 under Jeff Sax given they eliminated other positions
  • Jeff claims meth is a priority but he blocked the creation of a meth strike team in 2003 because it was proposed by then county executive, Bob Drewel
  • Jeff claims he raised road mitigation fees 50%. It actually was 30% and didn’t even cover inflation.
  • Jeff claims credit for building a new jail with no new taxes – we created that project my last year and I personally signed all the bonds for the project as Chair of the Council. Jeff didn’t even have to get out of bed for the new jail to be built. He is taking credit for something our Council did.
  • Jeff’s flier says in four years on Council, Dave Somers didn’t get one major road project underway. That is not true – we got River Road and 132nd St. SE underway.
  • They keep saying I work for the Tulalip Tribes. I do not and have not worked for them directly since 1998. I did a contract job for them in 2002-3 but have done nothing for them since. I am proud of my work for the Tribes however anyway, but they are trying to stir up the anti-Indian crowd.

And that is only one of the six new flyers.  Our democracy does not function well under the pressure of last-minute lies.

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