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November 25, 2005

Norm Dicks Joins Murtha in Questioning War

Norm Dicks is our Democratic Congressman from the 6th CD, which includes the entire Olympia Peninsula and Bremerton. Dicks is a good friend of Jack Murtha and has often stood with him as a staunch defender of the military. Like Murtha, Dicks is rethinking his stand on the Iraq War.  The Seattle Times has an article today which discusses Dicks' path from  supporter of the war to someone who says he was wrong to support it.

In October 2002, Dicks voted loudly and proudly to back President Bush in a future deployment of U.S. troops to Iraq — one of two Washington state Democratic House members to do so. Adam Smith, whose district includes Fort Lewis, was the other.

Dicks thought Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and wouldn't hesitate to use them against the United States.


Dicks now says it was all a mistake — his vote, the invasion, and the way the United States is waging the war.

Dicks, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, says he's particularly angry about the intelligence that supported going to war.

Without the threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), he said, he would "absolutely not" have voted for the war.

The Bush administration has accused some members of Congress of rewriting history by claiming the president misled Americans about the reasons for going to war. Congress, the administration says, saw the same intelligence and agreed Iraq was a threat.

But Dicks says the intelligence was "doctored." And he says the White House didn't plan for and deploy enough troops for the growing insurgency.

"A lot of us relied on [former CIA director] George Tenet. We had many meetings with the White House and CIA, and they did not tell us there was a dispute between the CIA, Commerce or the Pentagon on the WMDs," he said.

He and Murtha tended to give the military, the CIA and the White House the benefit of the doubt, Dicks says. But he now says he and his colleagues should have pressed much harder for answers.

There is a lot of healing that needs to occur within the Democratic Party on the issue of the Iraq war.  An honest assessment of how the country was misled is a good place to start.

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Tonight I am going to write Congressman Dicks to tell him how proud I am of him and how hard it was.

Posted by: Jacob Metcalf | Nov 28, 2005 1:01:04 PM

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