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November 01, 2005

Online Community Political Conference - YearlyKos

The DailyKos folks are planning an actual, in-person political conference next year in Las Vegas on June 8th-11th.  This is likely to be an amazing event with an enormous impact on the political landscape of this country.  Armando at DailyKos said, just yesterday, that DailyKos is averaging a million hits a day.  People are paying attention to what is being said.  They will pay attention to what comes out of this conference.

Here’s what I would call a mission statement from a posting a few weeks ago on DailyKos:

YearlyKos.org will provide a platform where individuals, organizations, and institutions with common values can collaborate to change the direction in which this country is going. We want to take the voices of the many (and we are many) and harness that energy so that we are heard.  So that we are more than a cash machine to those who share our values and want our votes.

And you can be part of this – just by signing up now and paying a nominal, early-bird fee.  Go to the YearlyKos website, poke around, talk, listen and work with others.  Help plan the YearlyKos convention and register to attend.
The development of the conference will also be unique.  Any of us can participate in suggesting topics, volunteering to help, obtaining funding from corporations, and spreading the word.  As it gets closer, the organization of the conference topics will become an amazing discussion board for important issues critical to rebuilding this country.

YearlyKos will bring individuals, institutions, organizations, candidates to the netroots. We won't just bring them to a convention, we'll bring them into the process of building the convention.  We'll invite everyone to collaborate to build the convention agenda in the Think Tank and to reach out to the community in which the convention is to be held in the LAB Las Vegas.  YearlyKos will give velocity to our beliefs, heft to our voice. And we'll leave organization and a common voice in our wake, infrastructure, and the building blocks for a future in which we are not discounted.

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