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November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Table Talk, Jack Murtha and Supporting the Troops

I love getting together with my family for many reasons but one is that we talk politics and talk about how things are going, as I think most families do.  That's why this will be a particularly interesting Thanksgiving.  (And don't you wish you could have a quick peek into Thanksgiving at the Bush household this year when 43 is reputed not to be talking with 41 because 41's friends are saying such awful things about this presidency.)  Many people expect that the President's poll numbers will drop again after this time largely because of these larger family talks.  This will make it even harder for the Republicans to hold together once the Congressfolk come back from listening to their constituents.

Which brings us to Jack Murtha.  Every family that talks politics will be talking about the turning point that this Pennsylvania Congressman has precipitated in our thinking about the war.  We will be talking about how the Republicans appear to be as clueless about the image they are projecting now as they were during the Terri Shiavo episode and the fact that the swift-boating tactics they’ve used so effectively in the past are not working against Representative Murtha and it scares them.  Digby seems to have nailed the reason:   

It's interesting because it's not like others haven't been saying this stuff. He's just one congressman from Pennsylvania. Why all the drama? I think it's because he symbolizes a particular constituent --- the war hawk who recognizes that we aren't winning and that the "war" is, in fact, unwinnable. They are suddenly sweating and agitated because they know that if they are losing guys like him, they are losing the whole enchilada.

And John at AmericaBlog wonders aloud about why the Republicans respond the way they do.  This is what he comes up with:

I admit, I'm simply stupified that the Republicans can be so calloused about our service members. It's becoming increasingly clear that the Republicans don't care about our troops. To them, our soldiers are props in one big propaganda war. That's all. So it doesn't matter if our troops are dying. It doesn't matter if the war was a mistake. It doesn't matter if we're losing. They simply don't care. The war was THEIR mistake and politically they can't admit a mistake.

Just for a little fun in this, here's Horsey's take on Murtha.

Which brings me to this point: one of the things we do as a family is think about where we will put some Christmas money as a family.  We always do something local; that's important. And we've already been giving a lot to UNICEF as a result of Pakistan.  I'm going to suggest that we do something to support our troops this year.  Just as I was thinking about where to find out more on how to do this, Wes Clark thoughtfully sent an email suggesting support to the soldiers over there and sent a link on how to do that. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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