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December 04, 2005

It's Possible, Even Likely . . .

. . . that the 2004 national election was rigged through the use of electronic voting machines.  Andrew has the goods over at NPI from the oddly underreported GAO investigation.  I have friends who have been saying this since the election.   I, like most Americans, simply have not wanted to believe it could be this bad.   Sadly, it may be. 

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Dear Senator Cantwell:

It is chilling to me that your contact page requires your constituents to select a message subject from a pre-set list -- and that this list does not include election integrity or election reform.

This is chilling because election reform is perhaps the most important political issue facing us now -- and you appear to be blithely ignoring it. How can I, as a Democratic PCO, go out and doorbell for your 2006 election when I feel that you do not care about this seed of destruction at the heart of our democracy? Actually, I cannot. My conscience will not allow me to do so. And this has me feeling pretty sick.

I have written you many letters and called you many times and you have never answered me personally. You have never answered my persistent question:

Why is election reform not an item on your subject checklist for constituent email? Seems to me, this would be the easiest thing in the world to do. Failing to do it shows an utter lack of interest in the subject.

Perhaps the staff person who reads this letter will consider choosing it as one letter to show you. A personal response would be a great help to me. I'd like to hear from you: of course, we'll put that issue on our page. And I'd like to hear, in simple personal terms, that you take this issue seriously and will act on it.

Your actions as Senator are useless and my actions as a voter are useless if our votes are not counted. All the blood, sweat, and tears put into this democracy are wasted if our elections are rotten. We cannot take effective action on global warming, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, economic health, healthcare reform, government accountability -- on anything -- if our elections can be rigged and people who care more about their own money and power than they do about the public good can cheat to get into office. The Iraq war shows us that this administration lies, lies, lies. We are letting these lies go unchallenged and we are allowing the machinery of our government to be stolen. Why does it appear that you do not care?

The GAO report at http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d05956.pdf (Federal Efforts to Improve Security and Reliability of
Electronic Voting Systems Are Under Way, but Key Activities
Need to Be Completed This is, clearly, our number one priority, September, 2005) shows that, clearly, our 2004 election outcome may be due to cheating, not to the expression of the will of America's voters.

I hope for a personal response to this letter. And I do thank you for all the good work that you do to protect the environment and support sustainable development. To allow that work have any long-term effect, action on election reform is absolutely essential.

Posted by: Noemie Maxwell | Dec 4, 2005 1:14:20 PM

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