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December 08, 2005

"Republicans in Disarray" – The New Meme?

Chris Bowers over at mydd.com has an interesting post about the way the media is starting to pile on about the disarray in the Republican Party.  He thinks it is likely to be the story about the Republicans in 2006.

He talks about the race in the 48th in California, a solidly Republican Orange County district that the Democrats fought hard to win but didn’t have much of a chance in.   It was a three-way special election, held Tuesday to replace Christopher Cox, Republican, who was selected by Bush to be SEC Chairman. 

In the election, John Campbell, the Republican Party candidate, received 45%; Steve Young, the Democratic candidate, had 28% and Jim Gilchrist, one of the founders of the Minutemen and a former Republican who ran as an Independent on a strong anti-immigrant platform received 25%.

What does this mean for the Republicans in 2006 races?  Bowers quotes from a Bloomberg article:

Republican House candidates around the country in 2006 will likely face challengers such as Gilchrist focused on immigration, said Amy Walter, House editor of the Washington-based Cook Political Report, which analyzes congressional races. Anti-immigration candidates have already shown interest in races in Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

``It may be that we see candidates pop up in a number of Republican primaries, especially where there are open seats,'' she said.

Challengers such as Gilchrist hope to use the races to force Republican front-runners to move closer to their immigration positions and make it harder for Republicans in Congress to back immigration legislation that includes a temporary-worker program.

Set aside for a moment the feelings you might have about living in a country where 25% of folks in a Congressional District in southern California think that we ought to have vigilantes patrolling our borders.  Yeech!  (When Jean-Marie Le Pen, the ultranationalist leader of the French National Front party got between 15 and 20 percent of the vote, the national papers were up in arms.  The liberal candidate, Jospin, threw his support behind the traditionally conservative candidate, Chirac, who went on to win.) 

But Chris analyzes this from a political point of view . . .

Chris is looking at the spin the press is putting on it.  He thinks he is hearing an undertone of “Republicans in disarray.” But what he really likes is that the media is treating it as yet another sign that the Republicans have lost their famous discipline and may be moving into a time when they are the ones impossible to herd. 

Even better, the press is starting to shake off their fear, their shock, their caution, whatever, and report what is happening. 

It’s glorious to have the media paying attention.  It’s like – “Nice to have you aboard the reality train with us.  We’ve missed you but we’ve been holding the fort.  Now, you’ve got some great resources at your disposal and nice -sized audiences.  You can make an importance difference in helping the nation climb aboard as well.”

So here’s what I want the press to do more of:  Drill down on that “Republicans in Disarray” thing.  Then get under it.  I want the media to show the ramifications of what we are starting to see in the press with the corruption and ham-handed tactics of the Republicans.  I want them to talk about the way Republicans tuck money into bills for one after another of their corporate constituents, how they eliminate taxes of all kinds for corporations and wealthy individuals, how they support foreign nations that have resources we want or who are willing to support us in our foolish war, and I want them to talk about how Republicans are cutting money to support the least-well off of our citizens. 

I want people to really see what the Republicans have been doing to this country. 

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