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December 30, 2005

Women at the Top

Nice article over at the PI by Chris Mann and Charles Pope about our wonderful trio of Murray, Cantwell and Gregoire working for us in government.  Washington state is unique in having the top three offices in the state all held by women although two other states - California and Maine - also have two female U.S. Senators.  Here's a couple exerpts about women in politics and how they govern differently: 

What that means for residents is open to debate. Murray, Cantwell and Gregoire, all Democrats, insist they are simply doing what's best for the state and their constituents.

The difference, they say, involves motivation and methods that are based on collaboration instead of competition.

Works for me. I think we'd see a very different political scene if women were 50% of all elected politicians.   

"For men, winning the game is absolutely everything," Murray said. "For women generally it's not whether you scored more points but whether you move the ball. We want our kids to get an education, we want our families to be healthy and we want to be comfortable in our neighborhoods."

In a report on the impact of women in politics, Karen O'Connor, director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University, said research indicates that "the presence of women in legislative bodies makes a significant difference not only in what gets discussed, but also in what kinds of legislation are advanced."  O'Connor said data show that women legislators:

  • Conceptualize problems differently than men and are more likely to offer new solutions.
  • Are more likely to advance "women's issues," define women's issues more broadly than men, put them at the top of their legislative agendas, and to take a leadership role in those issue areas.
  • Are more likely to view crime as a societal, rather than individual, problem.
  • Are more likely to make certain that their policy positions are translated into new programs to help women.

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This one is a soft spot for me.

Works for me. I think we'd see a very different political scene if women were 50% of all elected politicians

Do you really think so? Women can be just as corrupt as men (but due to sexism, they haven't had that chance yet!) I think we're in for more women in the top spots, considering how graduation rates for men are falling behind women.

Posted by: Belltowner | Jan 2, 2006 2:16:14 AM

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