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January 28, 2006

Clarifying our Rules

You will be held accountable and you will be forced to be transparent when you try to play on our field. That is the message I get from the amazing responses that a few of our national bloggers, Jane Hamscher of firedoglake being prime amongst them, are laying out there for the Washington Post.  You will not get away with lying and shoddy writing anymore. 

Someone named jukeboxgrad, who may be Matt Stoller, has written a piece that was posted at DailyKos that takes the WAPO talking points on the Deborah Howell story - she who is the cringing ombudsman at WAPO - apart at the seams.  It is an extraordinary bit of research that lays out what the Washington Post did to try to cover their tracks day by day and clarifies just what they were trying to hide.  It is long and I am not going to summarize it except to say that we obviously have techie people who can figure out just what you did when you came to the Internet to try to play on our field.

And you need to play on our field.  The world is changing and more and more people are getting their news on the Internet - because it is better news, because it includes the best of what the traditional media does and then more, far more. Because we talk about what we read elsewhere and because we are using this new medium to organize ourselves to do what we have to do to take this country back.  And, the people who get their news on the Internet tend to be people who will act.

But we have rules at our field, rules about being truthful and transparent, rules about being connected to the real world, not just the insiders world you tend to live in. Get used to it.  It may be just what you hoped for when you became a journalist.   

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I just noticed this, much after the fact. Thanks for your kind words.

I have a lot of respect for Matt Stoller, but I'm not him!

Posted by: jukeboxgrad | Mar 28, 2006 6:23:04 PM

My apologies. Not sure now how I thought that might be true. Nice piece of writing.

Posted by: Lynn | Mar 28, 2006 6:29:18 PM

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