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January 20, 2006

Gregoire's Approve/Disapprove Numbers Positive

For the first time, Gregoire's overall approve/disapprove numbers are positive, narrowly, according to the new SurveyUSA tracking poll.  The average is 47% approve and 46% disapprove.  She is successfully convincing voters that she is doing the very good job she is in fact doing. 

She is strong with women (53/40), older voters (60/36) and blacks (48/32).  She is weak with men (41/53), younger voters (38/51) and Asians (43/51).  The margins are thinner but she is also not yet doing well with Hispanic voters (47/51) or with Independents (44/47).   

The Governor clearly has her work cut out for her to communicate better with all segments of our population but she is doing it, day by day, as I pointed out a couple days ago.   

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