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January 28, 2006


What if we were able to get our two Senators to support a fillibuster against Alito?  Firedoglake is reporting that Cantwell is wobbly and might be convinced and that Murray might then follow suit.  Might be worth some phone calls, I say "some" since my experience Friday was that it was hard to get through the first time.  Or fax.

What if the Democrats just stood up on this one and said "No"?  I know it's a long shot and I don't want to feel letdown if we fail but, still, it's worth a try, isn't it? 

If you have trouble getting through, try faxing.  If you don't have access to a fax machine, here's a way to fax for free.  Don't allow the frustration to stop you.  Get through some way!  The vote is to be held at 4:30 tomorrow - Monday, EST.

Maria Cantwell: 

Washington 202-224-3441 (phone)  202-228-0514 (fax)
Everett 425-303-0114 (phone)  425-303-8351 (fax)
Spokane 509-353-2507 (phone)  509-353-2547 (fax)
Vancouver 360-696-7838 (phone)  360-696-7844 (fax)
Tacoma 253-572-2281 (phone)  253-572-5859 (fax)
Seattle 206-220-6400 (phone)  206-220-6404 (fax)
Richland 509-946-8106 (phone)  509-946-6937 (fax)

Patty Murray:

Washington 202-224-2621 (phone)  202-224-0238 (fax)
Everett 425-259-6515 (phone)  425-259-7152 (fax)
Seattle 206-553-5545 (phone)  206-553-0891 (fax)
Spokane 509-572-3636 (phone) 509-572-9892 (fax)
Vancouver 360-696-7797 (phone)  360-696-7798 (fax)
Yakima 509-453-7462 (phone)  509-453-7731 (fax)

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I'm hoping Hillary had a little chat with Patty and Maria about the filibuster.

Posted by: howieinseattle | Jan 29, 2006 12:57:24 AM

I hope so!

Posted by: Lynn | Jan 29, 2006 9:29:12 AM

Thank you, Lynn! For heaven's sake, I called Cantwell's office Thursday. I'm a litle shocked and dismayed that your fellow Washbloggers are not publishing stories on her recalcitrance, and urging action. In Oregon, Wyden's on board and Smith is hopeless, so I've been chatting with aides on behalf of other states.

Get with it, Washington bloggers! Biden and Obama turned today; the Democrats may be fewer than five votes off at this stage. And there's still time. Make your voice heard! If there are 39 or 40 votes for a filibuster, that's enough to take a principled stand in losing. It will say for posterity: don't blame the Democrats for what Alito does to the Court.

Posted by: torridjoe | Jan 29, 2006 11:52:22 AM

I called this morning to no avail. Murray voted against cloture, Cantwell voted for it.

She needs a decent primary opponent. I'm really getting sick of this crap.

Posted by: John Moltz | Jan 30, 2006 4:08:17 PM

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