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January 11, 2006

Sensible Blather

Over at blatherWatch, Michael Hood makes an extremely important point, which is unfortunately a bit buried: Washington State Democrats, in particular Governor Gregoire, need to make the rounds of talk radio.

We know Governor Gregoire is concerned about the negative impact talk radio has had on state politics. We say: if she would make the circuit, (Wilbur, Carlson, Sytman & Boze, Procaccino, Monson, Ross and maybe some talkers in Spokane) say once a month, (or more when she's got an issue she needs grassroots juice for) it would go a long way to de-demonize her and help dissipate the evil cloud the right-wing talkers fog her with day in and day out.

Republicans have used this medium to astounding successes.

And to those who say that all talk-radio listeners are drooling neanderthals who aren't open to persuasion or common sense, Michael says:

We're always hearing from Democrats that talk radio listeners are already convinced- it's only the hallelujah choir. They're wrong: Talker's Magazine gives us these listener demographics: age 35-54; white 65%; male 54%; 3 or more years, college 39%; household earning between $30-70 k, 65%; voted in the last election 74%; conservatives 32%, liberals 28%, moderate or independent 30%; Dems 14%, GOP, 24%; independent, 56%, other 6%.

As you can see: these are voters split right down the middle in most ways with a healthy dose of independents.

Good advice.

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My guess is that, as in her last campaign, Christine Gregoire would much rather tour around Yakima and Benton counties with a large entourage than communicate directly with the large number of voters around here.

Posted by: Steve | Jan 12, 2006 5:42:49 PM

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