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January 22, 2006

We Are the Change You're Looking For

A Five-Point strategy proposal for the Democratic Party in 2006 from Kid Oakland, a regular over at DailyKos.  It's spectacular.  Here's the abbreviated version:

1.  The absolute first organizing principle for everything we do, bar none, is to take back the House of Representatives within the next two election cycles.

2.  We already have our message, we just need to be fifty times more clear in delivering it.

  • We will fix Health Care.
  • We will fix Education.
  • We will fix the Budget Mess.
  • We will Clean up Corruption and enact real campaign finance reform.
  • We will make government work for you by making it work for everyone.

3.  We need to unilaterally end the broken cycle of divisiveness

4.  We have an answer to the war and foreign policy: it's called working together.

5.  To every Presidential contender in 2008 we need to send this message: prove your leadership by helping us win in 2006

Read the details for the full effect.

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I agree. Democrats shoudl fcous on three major issues.

Reforming Lobbyist's influnce in Washington
Reducing the Budget Deficit.
Providing helathcare to every child in America

Locally I saw this video put out by the Washington Democrats and thought it illustrated exactly why we don't need to send McGavick to DC.

Posted by: Largent | Jan 23, 2006 8:07:51 AM

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