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February 02, 2006

Bi-partisan, Unanimous Passage of Laws

Several bills to further strengthen Washington State's already strong sex-offender laws passed unanimously in the House yesterday and will now be considered before the Senate.  This package of laws, designed to protect victims and catch and convict more sex-offenders, was already set for deliberation prior to those slimy Republican sex offender cards going out to several LDs in the state.

“The protection of our children has always been my top priority in Olympia,” said Rep. Tami Green (D—Lakewood). “This legislation was crafted with the input of police, prosecutors, advocates and victims to put more sex offenders behind bars and to make sure we get a conviction of those who hurt our children.”

Representative Green's district in Pierce County was one of the districts targeted by House Minority Leader Richard DeBolt's nasty little campaign.  Oh, and DeBolt - he voted for this as well.  So, as we all knew, this stupid trick was pure politics. 

The package of legislation includes:

House Bill 3277 – creates mandatory 25-years to life sentences for:

  • For child rape or molestation in the first degree committed by strangers or teachers, coaches and other trusted authority figures.
  • Offenders convicted of rape in the first or second degree, forced sexual acts or first degree kidnapping with sexual motivation. The law applies when the victim is under fifteen, developmentally disabled, mentally ill or an elderly adult.

House Bill 2576 – Establishes protection orders for victims of sexual assault.

House Bill 3252 – When a conviction is the result of a guilty plea, in order to receive sentencing alternatives the offender must admit that they committed all elements of the crime.

House Bill 3238 – Makes it a felony to distribute false sex-offender notices.

The only new law is the last one, designed to prevent such slimy scare tactics in the future.

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Great idea. We've had sexual assault protective laws for several years in Texas. The problem is getting judges to issue and use them. There is a lot if resistance to new ideas, especially in rural counties. We hae had the best success in educating communities through coalition building and SART teams and getting th epress to help with news stories. Best of luck, Glenda

Posted by: Eileen | Feb 2, 2006 6:26:10 PM

So, DeBolt send out these fake sex offender notices, then the next week votes for the legislation to make it illegal?

Pathetic. Hypocritical. Cowardly.

We deserve better.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Feb 2, 2006 10:07:38 PM

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