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February 20, 2006

Blogger Scoops Mainstream Media. Again.

Noemie Maxwell over at Washblog delivers an in-depth debunking of the Washington Farm Bureua's "developer's initiative" launch press conference:

Washington Farm Bureau's President, Steve Appel, recently made public comments on the occasion of the kickoff for the land use initiative that organization has just filed.

In that kickoff speech, which is published on the website promoting the initiative, Mr. Appel tells about Bruce Ritter who owns a small amount of non-agricultural land (10 acres) and presents his case as an example of a property owner whose plight resembles that of thousands of others across the state who would be helped by the initiative.

This choice is a matter of some public interest.  Why not a farmer?   And why only one family?

Odder than this choice of a representative landowner, and more troubling, is the inaccuracy in Mr. Appels' statement about the Ritter property.  Half of the assertions made by Mr. Appel are easily debunked.  The other half are not substantiated and are, in fact, shown by the public record to almost certainly be untrue.

Yes, you really do need to go read the whole darn thing.  But before you do, and especially if you are a so-called "mainstream journalist," you need to ask yourself:

Why the heck aren't you doing this kind of reporting?   You are being lied to, day in and day out, by well funded special interests who are trying to run roughshod over our democracy. 

It's pathetic that we bloggers have to blow the whistle on such obvious lies and half-truths.  Wake up!  Please. We need you to do your jobs.

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