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February 06, 2006

Blogs Catching On

Gallup has a new poll out which says that 20% of Americans who use the web (73% of the population) say they consult blogs frequently or occasionally.  That's only a bit behind the 28% who use instant messaging, the 24% who make use of on-line auctions or the 22% who download music. 

Of course "reading blogs" is still at the bottom of the list of 13 choices.  Aw well. Email still tops the list at 87%, followed by checking news and weather at 72% (these folks will figure out they can get better news off of blogs soon enough), and both shopping and travel planning at 52% each.

More men (24%) read blogs than women (17%) and more younger folks, 18-29, (28%) than older folks, over 50, (17%).  And 60% still say they never look at blogs. 

Still, it's coming along.  Here's an article at Editor and Publisher that discusses it.

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