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February 06, 2006

Contact Legislators Re: Clean Fuels

Take a moment to let your state representatives know that you want them to require the use of cleaner fuels in our cars.  The folks from Priorities for a Healthy Washington, the coalition of Washington State environmental groups that have figured out how to successfully move a program of environmental bills through our legislature - and have the Democrats in Olympia to help - are asking us to ask our legislators to support the Governor's Request legislation for a Renewable Fuels Standard, HB 2738 and SB 6508. This bill calls for replacing 2% of our diesel with biodiesel and 2% of our gasoline with ethanol, with increases for both as in-state production capacity expands over time. 

They make it easy for you to do this.  It only takes a moment and they will get your request out to your Senator and Reps.  Please do so even if you have all Democratic legislators as I do.  They still need to know what we want them to do.  Even though there is big support from eastern Washington (duh!) and some support from the moderate Republicans, there is strong opposition from  the oil companies. 

The vote will be this week.  Do it now!

More information on what the Renewable Fuel Standard bill will do:

  • Reduce global warming pollution from cars, the number one cause of global warming pollution in Washington State.
  • Put Washington on the road to energy independence by reducing our dependence on imported petroleum.
  • Create new, reliable markets for Washington farmers' crops.
  • Spur rural economic development by providing hundreds of new jobs in biofuels production.
  • Reduce the vulnerability of our fuel supply to petroleum's price swings and supply disruptions.

Let your representative know you want this.

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