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February 03, 2006

Letter from Dwight Pelz

New Democratic Party Chair Pelz has a letter up on the Party site:

Dear Washington State Democrat,

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous honor of being chosen Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. It was a hard-fought campaign, but also one in which we had a constructive discussion on the future of our Party.

Over the past six weeks I have had the opportunity to travel to over 20 communities, meet personally with hundreds of Democrats, and speak on the phone with many more Party activists.

I heard stories of what divides us as Democrats, but learned far more about what unites us. We are all concerned about the future of our country – a country which appears to be turning its back on the middle class.

Democrats in Washington support health insurance for our families, pensions for those who were promised them, college loans for our children, and Social Security and Medicare for all retirees. We know that these investments are critical to 90 percent of the families in America – that to cut them is to cut our middle class. We know that America is wealthy enough to afford good roads, good bridges and good schools. We challenge a war with no strategy and no end in sight.

We are committed to re-electing Sen. Maria Cantwell and confident that our grassroots troops will defeat their millions of dollars of advertising funded by out-of-state interests. We are determined to expand the Democratic majorities in the State House and Senate this year. We will challenge Bush cheerleaders McMorris, Hastings and Reichert with excellent candidates and excellent campaigns.

Thank you again. I will be traveling the state deliberately and frequently in the months ahead so that we can meet once more.

Dwight Pelz

We all wish Dwight the best and, more importantly, stand behind and with him and all our Democratic Party folk and electeds. 

Hat tip to Howie Martin.

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Are progressives continuing the Mike Lowry legacy of promoting sexual harassers? Dwight Pelz was investigated by Washington Citizen Action for that charge and it was concluded he probably did sexual harass a staff person.

Posted by: Former Fair Share Staff | Feb 15, 2006 5:46:42 PM

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