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February 14, 2006

Taking Back the House in 2006

Our job is to get Darcy Burner the money she needs to win her race in the 8th CD this year.  Chris Bowers of mydd, who does the research on these things, says that there are 12 Congressional seats that Democrats ought to be able to pick up nationally this year and the Democratic candidates running in those races already have the money to do it. 

Then there are eight seats that Democrats ought to be able to pick up this year if they get the money to make the race competitive.  Darcy’s race is on that list.

Here’s what Bowers says of those eight races:

This is where I believe Democrats have everything in place for a pickup but where we are getting shredded in the money race. For that reason, I also think that these are the eight districts where the netroots should seriously consider offering their financial support. Add eight to twelve, and suddenly you have enough seats to take the House.

We need a net gain of 15 seats. 

The progressive blogging community has shown that we can have an impact on a race.  Goldy’s research and writing at Horse’s Ass made a significant difference in the Sims/Irons race.  Brian at Washblog contributed to Dave Somers’ win on the Snohomish County Council.  Andrew at Northwest Progressive Institute and Dan at On the Road to 2008 made a difference in the defeat of Initiative 912 and many of the rest of us contributed with our writing and interviews. 

But money is a different animal.  We may not have a lot of money at our disposal in the blogging community locally, although it would be awfully nice to see if we did.  But we can help the national bloggers understand about the importance of this race and the reasons to support Darcy, of which there are many, even aside from the sheer importance of the numbers.  Those of us who read blogs and consider ourselves part of this community also have influence amongst our peers simply because we pay attention to what is happening and we tend to be more active politically.  We are more willing to get out and work for candidates than other folks are because it matters.  So, set some time aside to help Darcy.  Set money aside.  Tell your friends to do the same.

Oh, and contribute to her campaign early.  It helps get the national money in faster.

In case you want to know more about Darcy and what she stands for, I have a write-up of a talk she gave at the luncheon that Paul Berendt threw for her at the Democratic Convention a few weeks ago after the fold. 

Darcy Burner Speaks at Democratic Conference Luncheon

Paul’s Introduction

Paul Berendt hosted the luncheon for Darcy.  Paul talked about Darcy’s working class background, and about the hard work she’s done all her life – to get into Harvard, to play by the rules, to be an Executive at Microsoft.  He then said that Darcy reminds him of Patty Murray whom he admires, respects and loves. 

Paul said that Darcy told him at their first meeting that she was the person who could beat Dave Reichert.  He said that several Democrats have put their oar in the water in this race, referring to Randy Gordon, Paul Abrams and Menno van Wyk, all of whom have deferred to Darcy and opted out of that race.  Paul then said that Darcy has that attitude that says, “I can do this, I can do it right.  I’m not going to run anybody over but I can beat Reichert.”  He went on to say that this confidence and determination is what you need to be a winner and Darcy has both.

The Task in Front of Us

Darcy started by saying that we have a really difficult task in front of us.  We have to take back Congress and we have to do it one Republican at a time.

Darcy’s Story

Darcy talked about coming from a military family.  The family moved around a lot but her father had grown up in Rochester, south of Olympia, and that was the place she considered home.  She spent every summer with cousins in Thurston and Lewis counties. 

Darcy was a good student and a National Merit Scholar which was what allowed her to attend Harvard.  She married a classmate, Mike Burner, and they have a three-year old boy, Henry.

She said her family is still working class – with a brother who is a janitor, another in the military, another who delivers beer for a living and a sister who has just become a licensed nurse.  She is close to her family and she understands the issues that working class families face.

The Challenges We Face

Darcy spoke to the four areas that she says set up apart from the Republicans: Ethics, Energy Policy, Family and Security. 

On ethics she said, “We have a Republican leadership that has decided to sell off our country.”  In talking about the corruption, she said, “These are Republican scandals and no Democrat took any money from Jack Abramoff.  Democrats think that elected officials are in Washington to work for us.”

On energy policy, she looks to the two members of our Washington State Congressional delegation – Maria Cantwell and Jay Inslee – who are very involved in developing plans for clean energy and energy independence and vows to help in that area herself.  She says we can do it.

On the issue of families, she said, “Congress should be focused on what is right for American families.  The current Congress has not only ignored this but passed laws related to health care, education and jobs that are detrimental to the American family.  We are making choices that will decide whether our children have good jobs or are waiting tables to repay our debt to China.”

Darcy says we can beat the Republicans on national security issues.  She suggested that when Republicans ask if Democrats are tough enough, we say, “That’s not the right question.  The question is, are we safer?”  She went on to say that our government has been irresponsible in how it has waged this war.  She said that she has already been deeply touched by this war: one of her childhood friends was one of the first folks killed in this war.

The Government committee on 9/11 put out a follow-up report, at their own expense, that gave Congress an “F” for their efforts to fix the items that had been uncovered in their first report.  One key finding was the lack of progress on fixing the problems with communications devices that first responders use in times of crisis, something that would have made a great difference during the Katrina hurricane fiasco.  Darcy then pointed out that the subcommittee responsible for funding communications systems is the Homeland Security subcommittee, chaired by Dave Reichert.

“Republicans are making us less safe at every level.  The Democratic Party will do what we need done to really be safer.”

Supporting Darcy’s Campaign

Darcy said she needs our help to win.  She needs us out doorbelling in the 8th CD.  Dave Reichert has already raised $1.1 million, 70% of which comes directly or indirectly through Tom DeLay.  It’s going to be a $2 million race and she needs our help in getting people excited and motivated.

She talked about specific tactics she has in mind and then said she sees herself as a “practical progressive”.  She is a progressive but she wants to make certain that the things we do actually result in what we are hoping to accomplish.

Defeating Dave Reichert

Darcy said that Dave Reichert votes 97% of the time with the Republican leadership.  He is a right-wing Republican.

She ended with saying that we need a Congress that asks questions about the future.  How do we build a society that works for our people?  Then  she said, “We’ve seen what Democrats can do in this state.  Let’s do it nationally as well.” 

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As a fellow Darcy Burner supporter, why not add a "Supporting Darcy Burner" banner to your blog? Several local blogs are already flying the banner, including CoolAqua, Hominid Views, Northwest Progressive Institute, and On the Road to 2008. The banners are slightly different, just pick one that fits you blog and copy it!


Posted by: CoolAqua | Feb 14, 2006 10:42:57 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. Jon has it up.

Posted by: Lynn | Feb 15, 2006 9:04:30 PM

Lynn - Great!
Now if we can just talk some more local blogs into doing the same!!

Posted by: CoolAqua | Feb 16, 2006 11:49:58 AM


I wish we had a candidate with a pile of cash lined up to go after Greg Walden in OR-2.

LOL is it okay if I whine in my jealous fervor? :)

Posted by: carla | Feb 17, 2006 8:01:27 PM

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