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February 03, 2006

The Guys Stand Behind Darcy

All our Democratic Congressmen from Washington are holding a reception on Feb. 18th for Darcy Burner to help her become our 7th Democratic Congresscritter from this state.  I envision a musical number with all of them dancing in unison, show-casing their newest member-to-be.  If they wanted to try it, I bet we could find a good dance coach to help out.  More likely they'll talk about how important it is to our nation that we take this seat in the 8th and then ask the attendees to contribute to Darcy's campaign.  The drum roll of Congressmen who will be speaking for Darcy:

Congressman Brian Baird
Congressman Norm Dicks
Congressman Jay Inslee
Congressman Rick Larsen
Congressman Jim McDermott
Congressman Adam Smith

She's going to do it, folks.  She's really good. If you're interesting in supporting Darcy and want to see all our Democratic Congresscritters in one place, sign up to attend.  Or just check out her website.

Another hat tip to Howie at Seattle for Dean.

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How about some dance cards for the opposition to Do-Nothing Doc and Cathy McMorris? Those cards usually go begging and remain empty...

Posted by: bluesky | Feb 3, 2006 10:09:50 AM

Boy, wouldn't that be nice. I know that these same guys have been trying to find candidates but so far to know avail. Time to rev up the bench so this doesn't happen again.

Posted by: Lynn | Feb 3, 2006 3:24:42 PM

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