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February 19, 2006

What if Hunters Were to Turn on Cheney?

How ironic it would be if a key portion of the Republican base turned on Cheney and by extension on the President and the Party as a result of Cheney's shooting of Whittington. Cheney's arrogance and Bush's passivity and the elitism of this gang don't seem to be sitting well with the nation as a whole.  But what the hunters in particular don't like is the bad light this seems to shine on the sport of hunting.  Hunters don't want the country to associate the sport of hunting with the antics of Dick Cheney.

A column by Fred LeBrun, columnist for the Albany, N.Y., Times Union, was reprinted in the San Jose  Mercury and noted by firedoglake.  It is very interesting for providing insight into the view that hunters are taking about Cheney's hunting accident.  Some exerpts from his article:

Getting shot while out hunting isn't even remotely funny.


A review of the accident and incident report of the shooting filed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department indicates just how close this came to being a grave incident. Had Whittington taken the full brunt of the load a little more to the left and down, at his neck and upper torso -- a matter of just a few inches -- he could have been a goner.


But I must say, as a supposed ardent hunter and role model for hunting and a stellar light of the National Rifle Association, he has barely saved himself from being a major embarrassment and dismal failure.


Many of us here in the vineyards are trying to promote hunting as an obsessively safe sport -- which it is -- and these clowns dismiss safety to promote a protect-your-butt partisan agenda. Boy, it gets my goat. Never mind whether the offender is Al Gore or Dick Cheney. Take responsibility, for goodness' sake.


As a postscript to the gravity of the Cheney shooting incident, consider this: I don't know of a single gentleman's hunting club up here in the effete Northeast, no matter how Republican, that would let Cheney in to shoot after this incident. He'd be confined to the bar and pool tables.
What we have here is the original zero-tolerance event as far as the hunting community is concerned. That's how seriously we take it.

I just don't think this bodes well for Cheney, particularly since hunters and farmers and old-fashioned conservative-conservationists are a key part of the Western base that Democrats are most interested in swinging over this year.  These are Republicans who can get behind someone like Democratic Governor and rancher Brian Schweitzer of Montana.   

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Can I just say that this title conjurs up some nice images.

Posted by: Lisa | Feb 20, 2006 7:50:49 PM

Can't say I thought of it at the time but you are right.

Posted by: Lynn | Feb 21, 2006 11:25:25 AM

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