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March 14, 2006

13 Words that Sum Up Bush Administration

"No leadership, no strategy, no coordination, no structure and inaccessible to ordinary Iraqis".  That assessment by British envoy John Sawyers of the U.S. occupation forces in Iraq in May 2003 was one of a series of documents leaked recently to The Guardian. 

SusanG over at DailyKos has the details of the report but really those 13 words sum it up. Then she goes on:

The most striking thing about this list is ... how generic the areas of failures are for the Bush administration. This is modus operandi for this bunch. Switch out the proper names of the people and entities involved, and you've got yourself Katrina. Tweak it a bit for the bureaucratic stage and you've got Medicare D. And these are the people who want us to trust them to reform Social Security. Ha! Not on your life. Or rather, not on mine.

The one thread that runs through everything this administration and its favored minions undertake is ... they simply don't give a shit. They can't be bothered. They don't care enough to plan, to organize, to anticipate anything, not an insurgency, not a forewarned hurricane, not the effects of a crippling budget deficit. More and more, I'm coming to believe people - real Iraqis, real New Orleans residents, real senior citizens - just don't register on the Bush radar at all; it's not that these officials despise them. It's as if they - we - do not exist. We're in their blind spot in the rearview mirror and they're doing 95 on the I-5, headed straight to Vegas, come hell or high water. We're just ballast - and payment - for the ride.

On the other hand we have Democrats who focus on the interests of the people.  The quote at the top of the post could easily be made into a set of ads that run against the Republicans.  Contrast it with Democratic leaders who, at least at the state and local level, focus on the interests of the people.   

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