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March 30, 2006

Behind Jill Carroll's Release

The Christian Science Monitor, Carroll's employer, deserves a great deal of credit for their campaign to get Jill Carroll released.  I know there is no other media organization I'd rather be working for if I were captured.

On March 10th, the CSM had an article that described the media campaign they ran in the Iraqi media.  CNN helped with the production of the ads and Iraqi television stations agreed to run the messages free of charge for a captive colleague.  From that article,

Television stations with national and local reach in Iraq are broadcasting public-service announcements in Arabic that carry the message: "Kidnapped American journalist Jill Carroll loves Iraq, and now she needs your help. It is time for Jill Carroll to come home safely."

The videos have run on Iraq's largest private station, Al Sharqiya, and the state-run Al Iraqiya channel. Kuwait's Al Rai satellite TV channel, which received and aired the third hostage videotape of Ms. Carroll on Feb. 9, is also running the announcements.

The 60- and 90-second spots include quotations from Iraqis speaking of how they consider Carroll to be an innocent sister or daughter, and asking for her captors to see her in the same way and release her. They also include a quotation from an earlier public statement by Jill's mother, Mary Beth Carroll.

The longer spot includes an emotional segment from a press conference of Sunni leader Adnan al-Dulaimi, whom Carroll was supposed to interview on Jan. 7, calling for her release. She was kidnapped near his office.

Welcome home, Jill.  We applaud your courage in doing the real, human reporting you did that put you in harm's way and are thrilled you lived to tell the tale of your time in captivity. 

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