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March 26, 2006

Fighting Republicans on Immigration Pulls Protesters Out

Half a million protesters on the streets in L.A.  The Republicans have been saying this was going to be a big issue this year.  I don't think they understood just how big or in what way.  Digby has the photo and the analysis.  The bottom line:

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have staged demonstrations in more than a dozen cities. The Roman Catholic Church and other religious communities have launched immigrant rights campaigns, with Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony taking a leading role in speaking out against the House bill and calling on his priests to defy its provisions that would make felons of anyone who aided undocumented immigrants. In addition, several cities, including Los Angeles, have passed resolutions against the House legislation and some, such as Maywood, have declared itself a "sanctuary" for undocumented immigrants.

This issue is huge. It's splitting the GOP right up the middle. So what are Democrats going to do about it?

Digby then points us to Ruy Texeira over at Emerging Democratic Majority who talks about the huge population gains that Hispanics are making all over the country, particularly in "red states" and particularly in the South.  He then goes on to address the Hispanic vote in 2004: "[Hispanic] voters were disappointed and dislodged; they did not defect."

He references an article he had written previously about a Democracy Corps June 2005 poll:

In this survey just completed, Hispanics had swung back to the Democrats with a vengeance, giving them a 32-point margin in a generic race for Congress (61 to 29 percent). The Republican vote today is 10 points below what Bush achieved just six months earlier. These voters are deeply dissatisfied with the Bush economy and Iraq war; they are socially tolerant and internationalist; they align with a Democratic Party that respects Hispanics and diversity, that uses government to help families, reduce poverty and create opportunity, and that will bring major change in education and health care. This is even truer for the growing younger population under 30, including Gen Y voters, who support the Democrats by a remarkable 46 points (70 to 24 percent). All together, this paints a portrait of a group that respects Bill Clinton, indeed giving him higher marks than the Catholic Church, and that embraces his vision of the Democratic Party. . . .

[Hispanics'] views on values, family, the economy, the poor, working people and the middle class, community and government, and how best to expand opportunity and realize the American dream put these voters in the center of a Democratic world-if the Democrats would remember what it means to be a Democrat in these times.

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The GOP's current efforts regarding immigration could be called "Operation Lose Hispanic Vote For A Generation."

Posted by: Will | Mar 26, 2006 11:51:40 PM

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