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March 28, 2006

Focus on the Long View

In a stop on his book tour, Markos talked about the need to take the "long view", the 10-15 year out view.  RenaRF reports back on a DKos diary after attending a book signing in DC yesterday and took good notes on what Markos and Jerome talked about. In her words:

One questioner made an interesting comment in the context of setting Democratic priorities.  She said (paraphrased):

"We always seem to be running around putting out fires that are set by Republicans."

I can't escape the fundamental and blanket truth of that statement.  It has been echoed in many, many diaries and front-page stories on Daily Kos.  We are reactive - not proactive.  We always seem back-on-our-heels.  The frustration that breeds is palpable.  The only answer to that flaw is to take a long view.  I find that inherently depressing even while recognizing that it's absolutely necessary and accurate.

Well said.  Note: Markos and Jerome are scheduled to be in the Seattle area next week.  There is likely to be an event on Friday, April 7th, in Seattle, although it hasn't been confirmed yet to my knowledge.  But there will definitely be an event at noon on Saturday, April 8th.  It is from 12:00-2:00 at Marymoor Park in Redmond. 

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